The Sladen Suit

I was the third man to enter the Sladen suit.  Under the watchful eye of the others, I unfurled the long rubber entry tunnel situated athwart the umbilicus and insinuated myself into it, breathing the stale sweat of the pair … Continue Reading

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True, I’m very nervous. But I trust the idea that hunted me here, precisely because it was not mine. Understand, I trust nothing and no one like I trusted her. Not even, perhaps especially not, myself, anymore. It started with … Continue Reading

Afterword by Stephen Graham Jones

You never hit a story that’s only one genre, do you? Westerns tend to have some element of romance, horror uses comedy as pressure-release valve, fantasy’s nearly always got a few solid action sequences, science fiction and spy thrillers trade … Continue Reading

The Last Final Girl: An Interview with Stephen Graham Jones

Back in my college days, my friends and I would watch the films of Dario Argento. We used to sneak into the gay student lounge late at night (one of my friends for some reason had the room key) and … Continue Reading


Solve for X

He keeps the tape in the refrigerator, she thinks. It’s cold on her wrists, on her ankles. On her mouth. It’s the third day, maybe the fourth. She’s to the stage of blaming herself. She should have been smarter, she … Continue Reading


Kilasa Nyalandu Among my people, being an albino is either good luck or a curse. When I was young, my mother protected me. She called me her ‘handsome white lion,’ and she sheltered me from the rest of the tribe. … Continue Reading

Revenge of the Rabid, Killer Were-Possum

I first started doing the were-possum thing about the same time I went from noticing girls to really noticing girls. That is to say my eighth grade year of school. I’d like to say it was about the same time … Continue Reading