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mixer’s unique post genre fiction resists the limits of popular genre and traditional literature imposed by the unspoken cultural values that make them up while also playing with the exciting tropes that make them fun to read. Buy an e-book or zine and join the resistance!


The Eyes: A Novella & Stories, by Michael Harris Cohen

genres: post noir, (horror), transgressive fiction, e-novella

Michael Harris Cohen’s debut collection, The Eyes: A Novella & Stories, which includes his signature noir stories “Fingered” and “The Life and Death of John Doe,” is heartbreaking, horrifying, and utterly original. No one else writes noir quite like Cohen, with his genius turns of phrase and, as Stephen Graham Jones says, “incisions into language that [are] both intimidating and casual.”

The great Robert Coover calls Cohen “a noir master.”

“Here are people caught in the gears of the social machine and mangled by their own desire. The Eyes explores how people’s lives can change with a single hairtrigger quiver, leaving them wrecked and brooding almost without their knowing anything has happened.  Dark and smart and unapologetic, this is transgressive fiction at its uncomfortable best.” — Brian Evenson

“A cross between Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange and Gibson’s Neuromancer, the prose is high-octane, a fitting vehicle for the mangled characters about to drive straight into a wall of their own violent creation.” — Rain Taxi review

Buy the e-book of The Eyes: A Novella & Stories directly from us for only $6.00 (a secure payment link will open when you click the link).





Resist! #1 Special Issue: Christopher David Rosales — For Sale Now!

genres: sci-fi, (horror), magical realism, dystopian fiction, e-magazine

Click here to purchase and download directly to your reading device for only $3.00!

In Issue #1: A special issue devoted entirely to Christopher David Rosales. Two excerpts from his upcoming novel Silence the Bird, Silence the Keeper, an interview with Chris about his influences and writing post genre fiction, and two of Chris’ best stories, “Instantaneous” and “A Classic Problem,” that you can only read in Resist! #1 or on the website for subscribers.



Resist! #2 Halloween Issue: For Sale Now!

genres: (horror),  e-magazine


Click here to purchase and download directly to your reading device for only $4.00!

In Issue #2: Three horrifying new stories that resist genre expectations, thirteen classic mixer horror stories from our archives, an essay on Kirstin Allio’s Gothic novel Garner by Denise Pica, and Best Horror film and fiction lists from Stephen Graham Jones, Brian Evenson, and mixer editors Amy Thomas and Steve Owen. This one has everything fans of the horror genre want, plus creepy thrills for the literary set.

New Stories: Alex Jennings’ “Black Roses,” Diane Ward’s “We Wear the Skins,” and Philip Robert’s “The Jerky Man.”

11 mixer Classic Scares: James O’Brien’s “The Dirt Baby” and “Roots.” Aaron Burch’s “Night Terrors.” Mark Wolf’s “Revenge of the Rabid, Killer Were-Possum.” Alana Capria’s “3 Pieces from the Bovine Uterus.” Jordan Wingate’s “Fun in the Dark House.” Aaron Polson’s “Curious Case of the End of the World.” Nathan Weaver’s “Room 503B.” Kristine Ong Muslim’s “Bug Chairs” and “Obliterating the Outcast.” Eliezra Schaffzin’s “Blink.”



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